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Make a Difference Today

After dealing with society unaccepting of Plus Size for so long I wanted to be a part of the solution. I believe all women should Embrace Yours Kurves. I created the Kurvology Brand as a movement to help.

promote self-love and build confidence in women and girls through photoshoots,

modeling, pageants, workshops, events, and fashion shows.

Founder of Dangerous Kurves Fashion Weekend and So You Think You Got Kurves


Writer for Haute Fashion Magazine with my column “The Kurvy Korner 

Kurvology is a movement to help promote Self-Love and Confidence in young girls and women through workshops, photoshoots, events, pageants and fashion.


Kurvology 101

Learn the power of Self Love & Me and how to showcase this in your everyday life and runway


Modeling 101

Learn the walk, the pose, and the look for all your modeling and runway needs


Kurvy Boss 101

Kurvy Boss is the intro to starting your business today

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